Lowhub provides sustainable, low carbon delivery solutions  for London.

Lowhub can help solve your delivery problems by providing an insight into sustainable delivery methods. This can take the form of ‘modes‘ of transport, and a sustainable methodology behind vehicle movements in Central London.

Lowhub has helped traders in New Covent Garden Fruit and Flower Markets and Borough Market, consolidating deliveries, encouraging collaboration, and ensuring sustainable distribution. If you are delivering into London, our skills can help you.

We also specialise in fresh produce, working with buyers and producers to streamline supply chains, and can introduce you new customers today.

A specialist advisor to London’s food markets.

The best way to get in touch is to email usmailto:kev@lowhub.com?subject=LOWHUB%20CONTACTshapeimage_4_link_0
Winner - 2009 Sustainable City Award for Leadership in Sustainability

Winner - 2009 Sustainable City Award for Traffic Reduction & Transport

Winner - 2008 Wandsworth Green Business Award for Innovation

Achieving sustainable freight distribution in London will make a real and positive contribution to improving the lives of those who live, work and visit London.’

Mayor Ken Livingstone

Lowhub is part of the CHI group of companies driven by a shared ethos of sustainability. Together the component parts of CHI offer commercially viable business solutions to industry that are sustainable and focus on our future.http://www.chigroup.coshapeimage_6_link_0